One-of-a-kind Pride Library at Western welcomes students and the public back – CBC News [2023-10-25]

The main library at Western University isn’t known for its purple sofas and funky art work. But they’re there, at the back on the main floor, inside a unique library space that’s reopened after a four-year hiatus.

The Pride Library, which houses thousands of books on queer literature, is Canada’s only library dedicated to queer theory and literature. It closed in 2019 for renovations and stayed shuttered during the pandemic.

“This is a space of history and recollection, but also of forward-looking, global thinking, around queer issues,” said James Miller, founder of The Pride Library and professor emeritus of languages and cultures.

The Pride Library began in 1990 when Miller was teaching a gay and lesbian course at Western University and noticed that the school’s collection on queer literature was sparse.

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October 25, 2023