Why some Ontario children and youth with complex special needs are living in hotels – CBC News [2023-10-25]

Ontario parents and caregivers are “exhausted” trying to find the right support for children with acute and intense needs within the social work and health-care systems, says the executive director of the Windsor-Essex Children’s Aid Society (WECAS). Derrick Drouillard told CBC’s Windsor Morning that […]

Housing first: The case for social prescribing of housing in emergency departments – Healthy Debate [2023-10-03]

The past decade in Canada has seen a material escalation in visible homelessness. With a highly financialized housing market driving housing unaffordability and escalating inflation putting pressure on mortgages, rents and food, the crisis of homelessness has continued to worsen. This has resulted in […]

Staggering mental health, addiction stats push northern First Nations to call for emergency declaration – CBC News [2023-09-13]

Chiefs of First Nations in northern Ontario are calling for a public emergency and social crisis to be declared, emphasizing the disproportionate mental health and addictions issues facing their communities compared to the rest of the province. The Sioux Lookout First Nations Health Authority’s […]

The Mental Illness-Violence Link: What the research shows about a complicated and uncomfortable connection – Psychology Today [2023-08-30]

The recent shooting in Jacksonville has predictably renewed the public debate on violence and mental illness. The same sequence plays out after every horrible incident: First, there is the accusation, often from right-leaning lawmakers, that mental illness is what is driving our dizzying rate […]

Yale University settles lawsuit alleging it pressured students with mental health issues to withdraw – CTV News [2023-08-26]

Yale University and a student group announced Friday that they’ve reached a settlement in a federal lawsuit that accused the Ivy League school of discriminating against students with mental health disabilities, including pressuring them to withdraw. Under the agreement, Yale will modify its policies […]