Trans teens and youth say gender-affirming care is ‘life-changing.’ So why is it so hard to find in Canada? – CBC News [2023-09-18]

Crow Heyden-Kaye was in Grade 8 when a worksheet handed out during class asked students to consider how they would describe their gender.

It was the first time it occurred to Crow that “girl” didn’t actually fit with how he felt. Over the next few years, he began using the pronouns they and them. In Grade 10, he came out as trans. His pronouns are “he” and “they.”

“Immediately, it was like something clicked,” said Heyden-Kaye, who is now 18 and lives with his parents and sibling in Ponoka, a central Alberta town of about 7,300 people.

At 16, he asked his mom to make an appointment with their longtime family doctor so he could get a referral to a gender clinic. He wanted to start exploring the possibility of hormone replacement therapy.

But during the telephone appointment, the family doctor began asking questions Heyden-Kaye felt were inappropriate.

“What if I wanted to get pregnant someday? What if I had a husband someday? Not related at all,” he said. “I think he asked me ‘What if you want to keep your boobs?’ “

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September 18, 2023