‘Life or death’: LGBTQ2 people warn on dangers of school pronoun policy changes – Global News [2023-09-01]

As debate continues over policies requiring parental consent for youth under 16 to change their name or preferred pronouns in some schools, members of Canada’s LGBTQ2 community say such legislation could put some at risk of abuse, harassment or even homelessness.

The concerns come as Saskatchewan and New Brunswick recently put in place such laws.

When asked earlier this week about whether Ontario will implement similar policies, the province’s education minister said parents should be “fully involved” in “life-changing” decisions involving their children.

But some LGBTQ2 youth say it’s not always an easy conversation to have.

Searlait Finley, a 19-year-old who recently graduated high school in Saskatoon, says while she had a positive experience when she came out to her own parents, not everyone gets that reception.

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Global News
September 1, 2023