Build and fund a drug rehab centre in London, mayor tells premier – CBC News [2023-07-25]

London should be the first city in Ontario to get any newly-built publicly-funded addiction rehab facilities, Mayor Josh Morgan says.

“Treatment is health care, and so it’s not something the city can do. This is a fully provincial responsibility and only the province can help us and our citizens and residents,” Morgan told CBC News.

Morgan, Deputy Mayor Shawn Lewis and Coun. Susan Stevenson are asking for other councillors’ support to advocate for a provincial addiction rehabilitation centre in London.

“It would mean a great deal for those in our community who need affordable addiction treatment. We know across the province there is a lack of affordable options. There are many options available for those who have the wealth to be able to move into that space but for those who need more support, it’s just not there,” Morgan said.

Ontario Premier Doug Ford made the pledge to move “full steam ahead” to build new publicly funded addiction rehab centres during a radio interview on July 14.

Private rehab facilities are out of reach for many people, Ford said.

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CBC News
July 25, 2023