As Pride flags are once again targeted, LGBTQ advocates say it’s as important as ever to fly them – CBC News [2023-05-11]

After the southwestern Ontario township of Norwich made a controversial decision last month to no longer fly the Progress Pride flag on municipal property, it didn’t take long after for people to start emailing Kim Huffman, a councillor in neighbouring Norfolk county, calling for a similar move.

It may have only been a small number of messages, but she’s making it clear she has no intention of following Norwich’s lead.

“Don’t bother wasting your time asking me to put any kind of motion forward or to have any kind of discussion regarding the Pride flag in Norfolk County,” she told CBC News. In her first term, Huffman said, she was the councillor responsible for getting the county to raise the Pride flag at its administrative building in the first place.

Huffman says she wants her community and others, especially in rural areas, to show they are inclusive — especially for younger people who may not see the same degree of LGBTQ visibility and allyship that exists in large cities.

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CBC News
May 11, 2023