Doxxed Twitch streamer, trans activist files human rights complaint against London, Ont. police – Global News [2023-04-23]

A popular Twitch streamer and transgender activist has filed a human rights complaint against London, Ont., police, months after a swatting incident.

On Aug. 5, 2022, Clara Sorrenti, known as Keffals on Twitch, was at the centre of a swatting attack after being doxxed by harassers who sent false death threats with her name and address to London city councillors, leading to her being arrested at gunpoint.

Swatting refers to a false report made to police that intends to lure a large number of officers to a particular location, often with the intention of targeting specific individuals.

A statement by Sorrenti’s lawyer Justin W. Anisman states she has filed a human rights application against the London Police Services (LPS) and the London Police Services Board, “based on the discrimination Ms. Sorrenti experienced due to her gender identity and gender expression, which is contrary to section 1 of the Ontario Human Rights Code.”

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April 23, 2023